Medical Mondays

Medical Mondays are meant to share my experiences with medical bills, insurance, care giving, interacting with medical professionals, advocating for yourself, your family members or even your condition. I don’t know it all! I hope I can help someone else by sharing the details of what I’ve had to do to get the quality care that I or my family deserves.

I am Pro-human. Pro-decency. Pro-morals. Pro-healthcare.


I am Pro-human. Pro-decency. Pro-morals. Pro-healthcare. What happened last Thursday, when the House approved the American Health Care Act (AHCA), represents none of these things. My anger doesn’t just stem from the fact that if passed by the Senate “as is” and enacted into law, it will personally affect me […]

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What Type of Migraine Is Your Child Experiencing? From the Diamond Clinic

Children and Migraine

My first migraine attack happened at age five, a mere child. In a way I was lucky that I experienced aura with mine. That one symptom made it easier to diagnose and treat.  However, many children have migraine and their symptoms go unrecognized.

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